Tuesday Treat Day #4

Tuesday Treat Day #4

This week’s Treat

At home manicure and pedicure!

Color Choices

Essie “Dressed to Kilt” — Deep Red for toes



Essie “Merino Cool” — Light Grey for fingers

Merino Cool


For the past few weeks, I’ve gone to a nail salon and have gotten my nails professional manicured.  I decided that this week, I would give it a go myself and save a little money.  After indulging in some new makeup purchases at Ulta and Rite Aid — I decided that splurging on makeup meant saving on nails.


I also felt like my nails were going to take a beating during the Thanksgiving festivities later this week — so a pro-manicure after the holidays would be money better spent, sort to speak.


What are some other treats that I should indulge in?  

Have you ever given yourself a manicure?  

If so, do you see any difference when you do it at home versus salon??

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