Just for Fun Friday #4

Just for Fun Friday #4

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week — Just for Fun & in honor of Thanksgiving– I’m listing all the things I’m grateful for.

  • My loving husband — I’m blown away each day but all the joy and love he brings to my life.
  • My amazing family — even though we’re crazy and quirky, we have a great time
  • My friends — for having my back and loving me even though they know I’m just as crazy as the rest of my family
  • My Dog — he’s little and snuggly, but he’s my fur baby
  • The ability to run — I realize this is a gift, even if I’m not the fastest I’m still able to get up, lace up, and go.
  • Good Health — though I have some pounds to lose (and will be shedding those pounds each day), I am otherwise in good health and realize how blessed I am.  I have family and friends that are not as fortunate and continuously battle to feel normal — I wake up and feel great!
  • Gas Prices — they are low enough right now where I’m not freaked out to travel for holidays!!


What are you thankful for?  

How are you trying to be more grateful in your life?  

Does this holiday season remind you of all your blessings?

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