Marathon Monday #5

Marathon Monday #5

Marathon Update:

This week marks the first week of the 18 week marathon training plan I found through Pinterest.

Marathon Training Plan

In my earlier post — I had mentioned how I was using this plan but due to life, I had to realign my calendar for the later April marathon instead of the earlier March one.


I feel like I’ve been basically piddling around since actually training hadn’t started yet.

ENOUGH PIDDLING!  Things are getting real up in here.

Last week Planned/Actual

This is my last week of piddling around until after Marathon Day!

Sunday – 4 mile run // off

Monday – Foam Roll // Stretched & Pilates

Tuesday – 2 miles // Off

Wednesday – Off// 10 min run

Thursday – 4 miles // 4 miles!  Had to run to make room for turkey!

Friday – Off // Off — laid around with a turkey belly!

Saturday – 3 miles // Off — still had turkey belly!


Goals for this week:

Get back in the athlete mindset!  NO more time for Piddling and Diddling around with training!

This means my goals include:

  1. Follow training plan!
  2. Eat to move towards goals
  3. Stretch and Pre-hab to prevent injuries


Have you ever had a lag in training due to family gatherings and holiday festivities?  

How do you stay motivated during holidays?  

What tricks do you use to stay on track and on plan during these winter months?

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