Tuesday Treat Day #5

Tuesday Treat Day #5

This week’s Treat

Games with Friends!  Euchre, chess, board games, video games, etc…

Here are the most recent games I’ve enjoyed with friends and family:

  • Euchre
  • Parchese
  • Hi-Ho Cherri-o
  • Ants in the Pants
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Titan Fall
  • Fall Out 4

This next list contains all the games I’d like to play before New Year:

  • Double Solitaire
  • Greed
  • Chess – 4
  • Triple Layer Chess
  • Rummy
  • Poker (Texas Hold ‘Em)
  • Cribbage
  • Phase 10
  • UNO



I love playing games (and I’m obviously a bit competitive — hello, Korean!).  It’s even more special when it’s with friends and family, as I feel it brings everyone together.

For board games and card games, it’s a great feeling to unplug and have some chatter around the table as the game is played.  For video games, it’s fun to link up the different generations and help the older folks relate to the youngsters!

It may turn out that Grandpa kicks-butt on Star Wars Battlefront and with the new movie coming out soon, it’s going to be a popular thing I think...


Random Childhood Story

It was a sort of tradition every Friday night — my family would pack up and head to my grandma’s house.  We’d either eat there or pick up food on the way.  Sometimes it would just be my parents and grandparents, other times aunts and uncles would join.

When there were a lot of people over, my grandpa would have to add an extra “leaf” into the table (it was the type that expands when you pull on either side, going from circle to long oval if needed).  His table would go from comfortably seating 4 to comfortably seating 12.

This was especially helpful on Friday nights because once dinner was over, it was always game night!  The kids would scatter and watch tv or play in another room while the adults would get out the cards, pull out the board, or even get out a puzzle.

It seemed the adults would go through phases — they’d play War (it’s like double solitaire but with lots more couples) for long stretches, but then switch to cribbage or another game before deciding to try a board game or puzzle…

As a kid, I ALWAYS wanted to play too!!  I got really good at cards (as good as a kid could be) and would make sure to keep the adult’s glasses of soda or lemonade full — every bathroom break for them was an opportunity for me to play!

I loved this tradition!  So for a family friend’s Christmas gift, we put together a game night basket — candies, snacks, and games!  I hope to carry on the tradition with my own family as something to look forward to every week and a fun way to bond as a family!


Do you have a favorite game?

Does your family have a game night?

What traditions do your families have that pull you all together?


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