Just for Fun Friday #5

Just for Fun Friday #5

Too Many Clothes!

This week, hubby and I are battling our laundry mountain — how do we let it build up?!?!

We’re trying to do the laundry and decide what we’ll pack, but that’s easier said than done.

We have too many clothes!!

What’s the Problem?

 Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!!  

I have what feels like a gazillion items of clothing — most of which I do not wear!  I cycle through the same few outfits, that are my current favorites, and the rest stay tucked away in the closet, in the drawers, or on the shelf!
This mountain of clothing makes packing for travel even harder!  It’s hard for me to anticipate what I’ll want with me when I get to my various destinations.  With fewer clothes, I wouldn’t have such a problem with the “what if” portion of the packing experience.
Having these clothes around that don’t quite fit or don’t look right or aren’t in style make me feel “less than”.  But I keep them around “just in case” — which is so idiotic.

How did it get so bad?

I have a hard time letting go of clothes that “might” fit one day or “could” look good, if I just did the thing and got the right whatever — madness is what it is.

The cycle started in college — I didn’t have much money, so I made due with the clothes that I had.  Even when I started gaining weight, I would squeeze my dupa into too tight clothes and hoped no one would notice.

Once I started working more and was able to buy some more clothes, I made sure to stock up on essentials (jeans, tees, etc…).  My wardrobe today still consists mainly of what I purchased back then — in 2005… Yikes…  I can’t believe my wardrobe is mostly a decade old.  

It wasn’t until the last two years (with weight loss and working out) that I would allow myself to by more clothes.  I started rewarding myself with a few new items of clothing.  I shop mostly at outlet malls or T.J.Maxx or other affordable clothing stores, so it wasn’t a splurge to get a few items that are more current.

I can’t believe what a difference new clothes make.  I FIT into my clothing — and it actually makes me look smaller!  My most recent purchase was a super thrifty “buy one get one free” jean-legging situation.
I know, most people hate leggings, but they are so comfortable and flatter my shape — my legs are my favorite body part, so I try to show them off without being too revealing… instead of short skirts/shorts, I wear skinny jeans or leggings.  I pair them with long flowy tops to conceal my trouble spots (basically my whole torso).
I wore the jeggings for the first time yesterday and I was amazing — normally when I wear jeans, they’re tight and stiff and I’m constantly adjusting them and pulling them up.  These jeggings were so comfortable and made me feel so confident (and no one knew they weren’t just skinny jeans, HA!).
Wearing clothes that fit and that make me feel fantastic is refreshing!  It’s also renewing to my spirit and sense of purpose.  I feel WORTH IT!  It makes me want to gather up all the clothes that are from the 2000’s and donate them — or otherwise get rid of them!  If it doesn’t make me feel fantastic, I don’t want it around!

For this Just for Fun Friday — I challenge you to either:

(1) Clean out your closet!  Limit yourself to just those favorite outfits that fit nicely and make you feel fabulous — donate the rest!

(2) Pack your suitcase and travel!   There’s nothing more exciting and liberating than traveling and experiencing new things with friends and family!


What will you do Just for Fun today?  

What’s your favorite traveling outfit?  

Do you have any travel plans this year?

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