Marathon Monday #6

Marathon Monday #6


Monday — Foam Roll//Stretched

Tuesday — 2 miles // 2 miles

Wednesday — OFF//OFF

Thursday — 3 miles // OFF

Friday — XT // OFF

Saturday — 2 miles // 2 miles

Sunday 4 miles // OFF


Missed Runs!

What do I do with so many (2) missed runs this week?  I feel like if I try to cram them into this week, my body will be wrecked… but like any runner, I want to get them in!


This week was a week of prep for travel — hubby and I have some pretty intense travel plans, so we had a lot of chores to get through to pack and ready ourselves.  I realize this is yet another excuse, but training was not the priority this week — prepping for safe adventures was.


Goals for Next week

  • Make my training a priority
  • Don’t wait on the runs!  This week, I’d get up and get my running clothes on, but then get back into bed and “wait” — “wait” for it to get warmer, “wait” for it to get more light out, etc… this meant I fell back asleep a few times and ended up missing my runs
  • Eat like a champ — lately, I’ve been eating what I feel like and tracking my calories.  This week, I’m going to try to balance that out more with high quality nutrients… it’s so tempting to eat poorly when we travel, so I’m making “eating like a champ” a priority.

How was your week of training?  

What do you do when you miss a run (or two)?  

How do you eat when traveling?

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