Tuesday Treat Day #6

Tuesday Treat Day #6

This week’s Treat

Visiting family!


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I often forget how fulfilling it is to sit and have a good visit with friends and family.  This time of year, I make an extra effort to visit with family that I normally only call once or twice a year.


These visits might include a meal or snack, playing a game, or even joining family members on an outing (movies are my favorite).  Anything is fair game, so long as you do it together!


I’m also going to be treating my family members to my help with chores around their houses.  My schedule is more free, and they still have to work, so I’m going to play helper elf to lighten their load.


Acts of service is my love language — if you’re not familiar with the love languages, I’d recommend this link: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/  

This means that I feel the most loved when someone had gone out of their way to lighten my load.  It also means that I give love by serving others.  Even though I do appreciate the other ways love is communicated to me (gifts, affirmations, touch, etc…)… I’m most inclined to work work work…


What will be your treat today?  

What’s your love language?  

How do you lighten your loved ones’ loads?

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