Marathon Monday #7

Marathon Monday #7

To Run or not to run…


There’s plenty to distract me from running this time of year — festive but rich holiday foods drag me down, traveling wears me out, shorter days mean less daylight and visiting family and friends means more scheduling conflicts…


I’ve been struggling this training cycle about what to do — I want to achieve my goals but feel like it’s such a burden to lace up and go out.  Is this runner’s burn out?  I didn’t take an official break between my half and my full marathon, so could it be that I’m just over it?


Here’s how my week went:


Monday — OFF//OFF

Tuesday — 3 miles // 3 miles

Wednesday — OFF//OFF

Thursday — 4 miles // OFF

Friday — OFF // 1 Mile

Saturday — 3 miles // 1 mile

Sunday — 5 miles // OFF


What a crummy week .  I had tummy troubles after traveling all day Monday — that meant I probably pushed too hard Tuesday to finish all 3 miles…

The roads here are also way more hilly than the roads that I’m used to, so my calves were screaming!  Although I know that it’s good for me to train on hills, it’s no fun!


With such cruddy runs and so many missed runs, I’m here asking myself — should I even try to run this marathon?

To run or not to run?  I guess I have some soul searching to do.


How do you decide when to run and how far to push yourself?

Do you ever struggle like I’m struggling?  

How do you balance training with life around the holidays?


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