Thirsty Thursday #7

Thirsty Thursday #7

Hot Tea

While visiting friends and family this holiday season, I couldn’t help but notice other’s drinking habits.  Some of my peeps carry coffee cups with them everywhere, filled with the high octane – caffeine filled — nectar of the gods.  Others buy flats and flats of bottled water and chug it by the gulp full.

One of my husband’s grandmothers has a very neat habit — a cross between hydration and self care — nightly tea.

Her favorite tea right now is a decaf tea that I believe she called Constant Comment.  It’s an orange based tea that has notes of spices that is so warming!


Each evening she’ll boil her kettle and make her cup of tea while she sits and unwinds from the day.   When we visit, she’ll boil enough water for us all to have a cup.  It’s such a nice little ritual that I might just have to steal and continue after the holiday break.


What is your nightly ritual?

Do you have a family member that has a hydration habit worth noting?

Which type of tea is your favorite?

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