And I’m Back!

And I’m Back!

Nothing like a long break to make you miss me!!  Right??


Okay – so in reality, it’s been like a slippery slope of (1) being lazy, (2) playing catch up, and (3) having nothing to write about.


Here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening:

Weight Loss

Definitely stalled… Ever since Christmas break, I’ve been disconnected from my body.  The stress of traveling and then coming back to reality (times one million) really has me in my head too much.

The silver lining is that I learn more and more about myself and my weaknesses.  I have several that directly affect my weight loss plans.

A short list of my weaknesses:

  1. I’m a quick thinker — this is one of those great interview answers where my weakness is really a strength… but it has it’s disadvantages.  I’m make quick decisions and don’t always give myself the chance to really think through the consequences.  With food, it’s a snag and chomp situation.  Many times I’m swallowed before I’ve even realized the huge caloric bomb that was just ingested was not even worth it.  This also means that I make quick decisions like skipping workouts or not running and don’t revisit the decision making process to really hash out if it’s all aligned with my life goals.
  2. I’m a creature with emotions — I feel happy, I feel sad, and every other feeling that can be felt.  With these feelings comes desires to celebrate, or pamper, or wallow — mostly with food.  This does not help when it comes to eating well and exercising.
  3. I’m stubborn — digging my heals in doesn’t help with weakness number 1 — I end up sticking to my quickly made decisions even if, after time, I start to doubt the decision.  Instead of admitting I made the wrong decision (even just to myself), I rationalize why it was really the right decision even though it was terrible.  Does anyone else do this??
  4. I don’t always like “winging it” — Especially when I’m feeling especially stressed or emotional, I need a plan like Linus needs his Blanket.  If I don’t have a plan on those days or in those moments, I lose it a bit inside.  When I’m feeling insecure about my size, I feel like I need a food plan.  When I’m feeling weak and out of shape, I need a plan for training and working out.  Sadly, I don’t always find that the prepackaged plans that are out there (and can be easily found with research) suit my tastes and needs, so I spend hours trying to craft my own — or cobble together a new creature like the Frankenstein’s Monster of health plans.


Like any good planner that’s identified weaknesses, I’ve created a small list of goals that will help address these weaknesses…

Weight Loss Goals:

  • Reconnect with Body!
  • Workout!
  • Eat well!



In brief, my training has changed.

Running in the cold wasn’t happening for me — so I’ve had to adjust my goal race dates as well as my running goals.

For 2016, my goal is still to run a full marathon.

This will just take place in the Fall (November)  instead of in the Spring (Mar/Apr) — So I will also complete a 5k or two and possibly and 10K and/or Half Marathon (since it will be in my training schedule).

Lately, I’ve been doing some weight training/crossfit.  I’m blessed with a great support system which includes a pseudo trainer friend of mine.  This means I get workouts for FREE designed for me, that I can complete at home or at my work’s gym.  The workouts are in blocks of 3 days with a rest day and then another 3 days followed by a rest day.

Training Goals:

  • Weight Train: 3 days on, 1 rest day, 3 days on, 1 rest day, etc…
  • Start training for Full Marathon – March 1
  • Incorporate Stretching/yoga: This is will also help with weight loss goal of reconnecting with body




What are your weight loss goals?  

What are your weight loss weaknesses?  

What are your 2016 fitness/running goals?






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