Big Break, bigger belly

Big Break, bigger belly


Annual Check up

Lately, I blink and a week has gone by…

My life as a montage would consist of a blur of images of me at work – me asleep – and me back at work all set to a cheesy 80’s ballad. So. Lame.

I’ve just decided that this post will serve as a quick check in before a blink again!

Weight: at the doctor’s office yesterday 198.8lbs.  Height 5’5″.  All numbers are good -thank goodness – but I have to go back for blood work next week.  During the doctor/patient chat, I was informed that my weight has fluctuated right around 195 for the past three years.  I am mortified!  Here I thought I was doing so well…

Let’s Recap…

Here’s a quick timeline in case you haven’t followed my blog from day 1 —

Back in 2011, I had my wake-up call — while sifting through wedding photos (my own wedding photos as well as my brother in law’s wedding photos from the same year).  All I could focus on was how big my belly was!  I gain weight like my mother — in the face and stomach — so my legs always look fit giving my silhouette the whole “olive on a toothpick” feel.

I started doing weight watchers around August 2011 — and poured all my energy into learning about nutrition, fitness, etc…  I also started running and planned to run my first every 5k… and I did April 2012!  I used to couch to 5k program and ran the whole thing without stopping **proud**!

By January of 2013, I had completed a handful more 5k’s a 10k and had hit my all time lowest weight of 172.  I looked good — and felt amazing — even though I wasn’t at my goal weight of 150.

2013 was a rough year… and my weight started to creep back up.  My running became spotty and my eating was anything but consistent.  I decided to take a “break” from weight watchers — and have had a touch and go relationship with food and my weight since…

It’s now 2016 and I can’t believe this happened… In the moment, it’s like I was telling myself, “it’s okay to eat all this cruddy food and to lay around the house — I’ll be better tomorrow”… Too many tomorrows have happened!

My Big Break — from weight watchers and being dedicated to fitness — has led to a Big Belly!  As I look down all I can see is my giant stomach — so embarrassing!

What now?

Reflecting back to when I first starting attacking the problem of the belly, I see that I was the most successful when I fully dived in.  When I immersed myself in all things health and fitness, and became almost dogmatic about my eating, the pounds melted away.

The pounds started piling back on when the belly problem wasn’t the focus or priority.  I almost feel like I was in a state of arrogant denial.  I would kid myself with statements like, “I don’t need weight watchers, I know what’s balanced…” or “I can run tomorrow… without losing fitness…” or “I’ll just switch from running to other workouts… maybe yoga… I don’t need cardio…”.

*Face palm*   No wonder my weight has circled 195 for three years.  I’ve been floundering!


This week’s goals

  • Workout!  Including at least one run
  • Follow Weight Watchers eating plan — with fidelity!
  • Take it one day at a time!



How have you been doing?

Have you ever found yourself floundering?

What made you feel the most successful?  


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