What I ate this week #1

What I ate this week #1


This was my first week trying out the new Smart Points on weight watchers.

It’s like learning to walk again.  Throughout the week I learned that some of my favorite “go to” foods have different points values while others stayed the same (yes eggs!).  This meant that more than once this week I found myself reevaluating life choices…

Each day I get 30 smart points and I have a weekly allowance of 42 — this is a change from points plus where each week everyone got 49 points.  It’s roughly a point per day, so I just vowed to earn those points back with activity!

I try to each breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday with a few snacks thrown in if I’m hungry.  As mentioned in previous posts, I’m dabbling with the idea of honoring my hunger and listening to my body.  This translates to really trying to snack when I’m ravenous and to not force myself to finish the last few bites of my favorite foods.

This week’s Breakfasts

I start every day with a cup of coffee.  Every. Day.

If I don’t, for whatever the reason, it’s a bad day — for everyone.  I either make french press coffee or just throw it in my regular brewer.  I like hot or iced but either way I take it with milk or cream and stevia for about 1 smart point.  Then, for this week at least, I added in one or more of the following:

  • Egg in a nest – 4 sp
  • Homemade banana bread – 3 sp
  • Scrambled Egg Whites – 0 sp
  • Breakfast sausage patty – 3 sp  *I made a big batch on Sunday in the oven*
  • Homemade unsweetened applesauce w/ cinnamon – 0 sp
  • Fresh apple or peach – 0 sp

It’s easier on busy days to grab a slice of banana bread — which requires no prep work.  I can dip it in my coffee and polish off my slice without dirtying too many dishes.  On slower mornings, I lean to the hot savory eggy options.  I just love eggs.  MMM…

Next week I want to try making a larger batch of Eggs in a Nest and reheating them throughout the week.  I might also add in some more fruit smoothies if the weather heats up.

This week’s Lunches

When I’m at work, I eat my packed lunch without fault.  When I work from home (which is at least twice a week), I’ll dig into leftovers instead.  This week, I tried to pull in the reigns with a bit of Sunday meal prep — I baked off a batch of chicken and squash, let it cool, and packed 5 containers for the fridge.

  • Chicken w/ Squash – 4 sp
  • Leftover – *varies*

This week’s Dinners

This was a busier than normal week — with evening meetings that ran until 8pm on multiple nights for either hubby or me.  I knew the menu had to consist of things that could easily be reheated and larger batches that would mean leftovers.  Leftover = less future cooking!

  • Monday – Korean food night!  Had leftovers of everything but dumplings
    • Kimchi soup – 3 sp per bowl
    • White rice – 6 sp per cup
    • Cucumber salad – 1 sp per cup
    • Bulgogi – 2 sp per ounce
    • Dumplings – 2 dumplings for 3 sp
  • Tuesday – Leftover Korean food
  • Wednesday – Pasta night!
    • Baked Vegetarian Pasta – 12 sp per serving
    • Texas Toast – 4 sp per serving
  • Thursday – Dinner Meetings
    • Pizza Meeting — 10 sp per slice
  • Friday – Leftover Pasta night!

This week’s Snacks & Desserts

  • Sugar Snap peas + Baby Carrots – 0 sp
  • 2 Tbsp Red Pepper Hummus – 2 sp
  • 22 Pistachios in shell – 2 sp
  • 12 Mini Pretzels – 2 sp
  • 2 squares chocolate – 4 sp
  • 2 Girl Scout Cookies (Tagalongs) – 6 sp
  • Fresh Apple or Peach – 0 sp
  • Salad — 1 slice Hard Salami w/ lettuce & Balsamic Vinegar – 1 sp


Still don’t know what the plan is for this weekend — but one things for sure, I’m exhausted!


**If you’d like any recipes for the listed foods above, please leave me a comment/reply and let me know**

What are you eating this week?  

Have you tried the new Smart Points?  

What are your thoughts?

 Any recipes I should try?

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