What I ate this week #2

What I ate this week #2

Good Morning!!!!

This week was the first week of me trying the old Points Plus from weight watchers that I know and love.  I wanted to let you take a quick peek into what I’ve been eating this week and to hopefully get some tips for what to try next :D.

Why the switch?

Luckily, I have access to the current Smart Points system as well as the previous Points Plus and Points systems from weight watchers.  This allows me to make the decision based on what works for me and makes me feel most comfortable.  This will also allow me the opportunity to switch back if I don’t feel successful.

I read tons of comments and reviews about the new points system when it first rolled out and have been following the flow of feedback ever since.  Many shared the opinion that SmartPoints helped you form better food habits, since treats were more “expensive” and things like carbs/sugar were higher in points and proteins were lower in points.  This nudge in the healthier direction wasn’t hard for me to get used to, but it definitely felt like I was dieting — which is hard when I think about making permanent lifestyle changes.

Beyond the way the points are calculated, there was one opposing viewpoint that I actually wanted to comment on– Activity points — on the new SmartPoints, they call these FitPoints.  With PointsPlus, you earn activity points thru fitness and can swap these for more food points.  On the new system, you have a fit goal and earn FitPoints in the same way, but do not swap them for food.  It’s more like a “step goal” that makes sure you’re moving enough.  For me, I don’t normally track strength training workouts — since even though I break a sweat, my body doesn’t crave more calories.  However, cardio workouts require more caloric intake — especially when training for a race.  So training and not being able to take in more calories (especially carbs) doesn’t make sense to me.

I gave it three weeks and finally had enough — I reach a low when I went over my points for the week at Applebee’s and a sub-par cheeseburger.  This moment launched me into binge-ful eating patterns over the next day or so until I could shake it off! Luckily we aren’t talking full on binge eating, just overeating and indulging in Cravings…


What did I eat?

Monday – I was exhausted from staying up too late the night before… this meant all I wanted was a nap and sugary starchy foods.  (Does this happen to anyone else??).  I skipped breakfast, made tortilla pizzas for lunch, and had a huge helping of mashed garlic potatoes w/ BBQ Baked chicken for dinner… My treats included Tai Pei Pork Dumplings and Hershey’s Chocolate bar with almond (3 pieces) used 31/30pp

Tuesday – Started the day with two slices of toast w/ 2 hard boiled eggs, had leftover BBQ Baked chicken w /Mashed potatoes for lunch, and ordered pizza for dinner (had far too much pizza with breadsticks and chocolate :(…) — 59/30pp

Wednesday – Had a Bojangles breakfast that consisted of a FREE sausage biscuit with coffee, leftover tortellini soup for lunch, a slice of cake from an office party, beef brats with leftover pizza for dinner.  For dessert I had Edy’s Slow Churned Fudge Tracks ice cream — 48/30pp

Thursday – Coffee for breakfast this morning, brat + Ritz Chips for lunch, Apple Nachos for snack, then more tortellini soup for dinner with a big piece of baguette and asiago cheese.  32/30pp


Friday – The plan for today is to make some french toast using this leftover baguette and have it with turkey sausage (if I feel hungry after this coffee…), then for lunch some Leftover tortellini soup, for a snack I’ll have more of those tasty Apple Nachos, and for dinner it’s going to be a hamburger stroganoff that my husband has been requesting non-stop for the past week.  The plan is to work in a way to have another serving of Edy’s Fudge Tracks, because that was bananas, but it all depends on how many activity points I earn.


What are you eating lately?

Are there any recipes I should try?

Leave a comment/reply below and let me know!







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