May’s Monthly Goals

May’s Monthly Goals

May is going to be my month this year… My birthday is this month, my break/mini-vacay from work is this month, and my favorite weather happens this month.

I’m sending out the positive vibes — and I’m going to KILL IT this month!  (Figuratively speaking of course ^_^).


  • Get under 190!
    • my weight loss goal this month is to break the 190’s which have haunted me for some time now.  When I first started losing weight in 2011, I was 189 by Christmas and said to my Mother-In-Law, “I never want to get above 190 again! If I do, I’ll do something about it”.  Well I’m around 195 now, so May is about doing something about it!!
  • Get my runs in!
    • My training schedule is 4 runs a week and that’s what I’m doing. Period.
  • Get out of the house!
    • As I mentioned above, my break/mini-vacay is this month.  I don’t have to go into the office (as I can work remotely) after this week… so that’s a three week stretch where I could turn into a total hermit and stay indoors and not see anyone.   I’m on a tight budget and hubby still works — so vacay/travel is out 🙁  Yet, I’m determined to get out for my runs, for random/free fun, and to visit friends.
  • Get into a groove with eating!
    • Summertime in the south means crazy hot weather and humidity, which means I don’t want to use the stove/oven for too long as it would heat up our tiny living space.  I’m going to use this month to find a new groove for hubby and I for eating a balance of Salad-type foods (which can be eaten cold/no cooking required) and cooking once but eating all week long (like casseroles or meats that hold up well when reheated).  I’m also feeling the need to try new recipes, so that’s going to be thrown in as well.


What are your goals this month?

How do you stay active and out of the hermit-dom over breaks?

Do you have any tips/tricks for my Summertime cooking challenge?

Leave me a reply/comment and let me know!

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