Marathon Monday Wk 1

Marathon Monday Wk 1

This Marathon Monday marks my first official week of training (again…).  If you’ve been following me, you know that I had a bit of a false start or two.  I am determined not to be swayed — so here I go again.

I refuse to stop trying!!


The plan

The training program I found is a 26 week to marathon, beginner plan.  This week’s workouts are designed to get me back into the habit of running and to get my body back in shape.  I haven’t trained since late December (-_-), so I have lost a serious amount of the fitness I worked so hard for in preparation for my half marathon last September.

There are four runs per week, which is one more than I’m used to, but this is a longer distance so the endurance needs to be there.

Tuesday – Run/walk 20 mins

Thursday – Run/walk 20 mins

Friday – Run/walk 20 mins

Sunday – Run/walk 20 mins

It’s supposed to be a MWTrS schedule, but I ran yesterday so I’m going to do weights and yoga today.  I’m fine with the balance this has left me with.

Did someone say weights?

Speaking of weights — I will be incorporating strength training in the form of 3 workouts to target different areas.  I’ll have to play around with how my body feels strength training and running, but I’ll also be incorporating yoga, stretching, and pulling out the foam roller as needed.  Here are the strength workouts:

Back & Biceps

  • Lat Pull downs
  • Seated Rows
  • Bicep Curls
  • Hammer Curls

Chest & Triceps

  • Bench Press/Dumbbell chest presses
  • Incline Bench Press/pushups/dumbbell chest presses on incline
  • Flies
  • Pull downs (Cable & metal bar)
  • Dips

Legs & Shoulders

  • Squats w/ weights
  • Sumo Squats w/ weights
  • Leg extensions
  • Military Press
  • Sumo High Pulls


How’s your training going?

How do you incorporate strength into your running?

Should I add anything into my plan?

*Leave a comment/reply and let me know ^_^

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