Thursday Things

Thursday Things

Here are some things for this Thursday…

  1.  I like BBQ’s!  Hubby made burgers on a charcoal grill for the first time yesterday!  I completely forgot how much I love burgers cooked on a grill.  Yum!img_2083
  2. Water is the best.  After waking up with part of the Sahara in my mouth, I’m reminded of this very fact.img_1975
  3. The end of the semester grade freak out is real!  So many students coming to me with last ditch attempts at passing.  Let the lesson be learned… waiting until the end of the semester is a mistake!
  4. I love Chocolate Cake & Pizza!  I definitely overdid it  yesterday (in honor of my special day) –and now I’m bloated!! — so I’m counting it as a wash and starting fresh today!



Also — Board games are the best!  We had fun playing some classics like Clue yesterday.



What do you have going on this Thursday?

Charcoal or gas grill??

What’s your favorite board game?

Let me know by leaving a comment/reply 😀

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