Tuesday Treats!

Tuesday Treats!

Last night was a rough night.


For whatever reason, I woke up around 3 AM completely starving!  I made a quick PB sammie (on a sandwich thin), tracked the points, and laid back down.  That’s when it got super rough…

Apparently, my impromptu snack attack was a cue for the doggy to annoy me for the rest of the night.  I’m talking whining, bumping, nuzzling, patting… all over me!


Once he finally settled down and I was able to get to sleep, it was practically morning.


To treat myself today, I’m going to relax!!!  Trying to sneak in a nap later this afternoon might be a big ask, but I’m definitely going to stay in PJ’s all day — no shower — no makeup — it’s a dry shampoo kind of day.  I’m going to get my fill of junk tv but good foods 😀


I’ll also have a new phone sometime today!!  I’ve been eagerly awaiting the UPS truck all day, but so far – nada.

It was time for our contract renewal/upgrade with our mobile phone company, but hubby and I are both super happy with our phones.  We have no complaints and *knock on wood* there’s no damage even after more than 2 years.  We currently have iphones with 16GB of memory but decided to upgrade to 64GB of memory — which ended up being an affordable decision.


The best part is, since we’re only upgrading memory, all the cases and accessories will work for the new phones!  No need to upgrade all accessories just to upgrade our devices! 😀


How are you treating yourself today?

Do you treat yourself with naps and relaxing?

When was the last time you upgraded your device?


Let me know with a comment below!! ^_^

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