Thursday Things

Thursday Things

Here’s a few thoughts and things for your Thursday:

Thirsty Thursday — DRINK UP!

Going around social media right now are all these tags to Stop Drop and Chug… I think if you’re reading this, you should drink up!

No Scale Victories

To battle some of my more negative self-talk, I’ve been trying to think of No Scale Victories throughout the week.  These act like a mental pat on the back every so often.  Today’s NSV came at breakfast.

I was eating this week’s breakfast of choice

 — a slice of spinach & cheese egg white frittata, low cal toast, and homemade unsweetened applesauce —

and halfway through I felt full.  Normally, I’d clean the plate and ignore how I felt.  Today, I put my fork down and pushed the plate away!  #Winning #NSV


Is anyone else obsessed with Instagram & Snapchat??  Just me?  Ok… -_-

I love scrolling through and getting ideas for meals, workouts, or just for motivation!


This is something I’m really honing in on this month.  Holding myself accountable is important to my process because I tend to try to cheat or hide and that’s what helped me gain all this weight!  Honesty and integrity are important to me and to my process.


Fidelity to the plan — This week I’m really trying to not go over my weekly points.  It’s been hard, because my ability to do activity is limited, but I’ve been creative with high volume/low points foods (hello fruits and veggies).


What are some of your things/thoughts this Thursday?  Share any comments below! I’d love to know what you think!

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