Weigh In Wednesday #4

Weigh In Wednesday #4

So thanks to some of the great bloggers I follow, I found this new app to record my weigh each day — Happy Scale.

It takes your daily weight fluctuations and gives you a moving average weight.  Here are my results from this week:


Here is my overall weight loss progress…  The app breaks your weight loss goals into milestones and lets you know when you hit each one.  It’ll also tell you how long before it predicts you hit your next milestone if you keep going the way you’re going.


This prediction section is what has me the most focused — “What do you mean it’ll take me 6 months to lose just a few pounds??!!!” is what I keep screaming in my head.  Then I realize that each time I enter my weight, this predicted time shrinks a bit (at first it was well over a year!!) — Second, with this app — each day matters!  If I have a “bad day” and eat like crap, it’ll affect the predictions.  If I have a great day, it’ll affect the predictions.  This has changed my mindset a bit (since with WW you weigh in ONE day) — but I think it’s for the better.


I’ll have to remember that every minute of every day matters and it’ll either help me reach my goals or not!



How often do you weigh in?

Do you get this idea of moving average?

 Do you think every day counts or that a cheat day here or there is okay?

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