Thursday things

Thursday things


Hello!!  Here are some things from my Thursday

Hubby lost 8 pounds!!

Randomly, my hubby weighs in and sees an 8 pound loss!  How amazing!  The only things we’ve been doing are (1) cooking foods he likes & trying out new recipes and (2) strength training together.

To see such a huge weight loss is super encouraging — especially since he wasn’t “really trying”.  Meaning he’s not on a strict diet or weight loss program and he’s not on a strict workout regiment.

I think the key for my hubby’s success is to lean into the fact that he’s not super strict with himself — He likes to go with the flow and do what feels right in the moment.  Maybe this will work for him?


As for me, I prefer schedules and routines — it’s an anxiety thing.


I’ve written about my anxiety in the past, but today I stumbled across an article that says children/people who bite at their lip skin or bite at the skin around their nails (both of which hubby and I do) are really showing symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

No duh!  Nail biting & nibbling on my fingers has been a coping mechanism for me for years — I can’t remember not doing it.

As of right now, my nails look the best they’ve looked in a while.  I have them done as much as I can, so I keep my teeth away from them otherwise they’ll get destroyed and I’ll have wasted money.


Strength training

Hubby and I have this agreement — He’ll strength train with me if we can watch his shows while we do it.  It was an easy agreement, since I usually zone out while working out anyway.  It doesn’t matter what’s on the tv or radio or whatever as long as there’s something in the background.

Anyone else hate hearing their own panicked gasps for air while working out?  No one… just me?




Lazy days and transitioning to summer time!

My husband loves his TV shows and when their season is over he experiences a sort of minor sadness — he calls it his “show-hole”.  A sort of emptiness that he feels when there’s no good shows to watch.

I experience something similar every summer — it’s like a show-hole but with teaching/work.  Fall – Winter – Spring I have the same routine, since I teach at 8:00AM on the dot.

Summers don’t mean I don’t work — in fact I teach year round via online classes, it’s just that I get to work from home on my own schedule.

This flexibility and freedom is what’s jarring — in a good way.  I can wake up when I want, go where I want, and as long as my work is done by the end of the day I’m fine.

The challenge here is that without the strict routine I’m used to, I just kinda hang out all day.  I get everything that must is important done, but then I watch junk tv/movies, or play video games, or play with my dog, or just have fun!


I feel so guilty about this laziness because I know not everyone gets this chance… but at the same time it’s the most amazing thing ever.  Maybe I should “treat myself” to relaxing while I can and take advantage of the summer to do things I can’t do in the fall-winter-spring.


What are some things from your Thursday/week?

Do you have any triumphs you’d like to share?

Do you have any productivity tips for me to use this summer?

Let me know in the comments below!

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