Tuesday’s Treats!

Tuesday’s Treats!

Today ended up being a busier day than normal for me.


I started my day by oversleeping which is probably why I felt rushed all morning.  Then I went on my run and showered/got ready super quickly.  I had video conference scheduled for 9am which was thankfully pushed to 10:30am, but I just barely made it.  The whole thing took about an hour and then I was able to catch lunch and errands with a friend.

To start my treats, I purchased a few new eyeshadows and more nail polish remover (all for around $7 at the drugstore!).  We looked and looked for some new sandals for my summer wardrobe — but couldn’t find any in the stores nearby.

Then, once I was home and snacking, I found these gems on Amazon

shoes 1Shoes 2

They were on sale for $29.95,. which was right in my budget.  I’m hoping they’ll last for this summer for date nights or girls days where my “go-to” Old Navy flip flops would be too under dressed…



How are you treating yourself this week?  

Do you run in the morning or at night?  

What shoes are your current “go-to” shoes?

Let me know in the comments below ^_^

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