Weigh in Wednesday 

Weigh in Wednesday 

Good Morning Sunshines!!

It’s weigh in Wednesday – which means it’s the day of the week where I reflect on how things are going, how I’m feeling, and how the scale moved this week.


Results from Happy Scale

My moving average today is 193.4 — which means a +0.4 change in weight.  My 10-day best is also +0.4… So I’m going to call it a gain of 0.4lbs.


According to Happy Scale, my weight trends are a gain of 0.4lbs…. so yeah…


I’m not entirely surprised, as I ate a bit more than normal this week, but I do want to acknowledge what this means for hitting my next milestone… An extra month??  Aww Heck Naw!  This makes me determined to prove Happy Scale WRONG! 😀


Points Breakdown

My Weight watchers week starts over each Monday, so I’ll list the final points score for each day during the calendar week.  I’m following Points Plus, which means in addition to the 30 points per day I can swap activity points and have 49 weekly bonus points.  For each day the score will be:  GOAL/ACTUAL/+ACTIVITY

Monday – 30/46/+0

Tuesday -30/39/+5

Wednesday -30/37/+4

Thursday – 30/41/+2

Friday – 30/46/+8

Saturday -30/66/+0

Sunday – 30/51/+3

If you’re keeping score, then my week totals were 210/326/+22.  If you take what I ate (326) and subtract what the goal was (210) AND  take away the 22 activity and 49 bonus, then you’ll see my overeat was 45 points!!


After seeing this in black and white, I’m glad my gain was only 0.4lbs!


Goals for this week:

First, I will to eat according to the 21 day fix plan — but while still tracking and monitoring how I feel as I eat.  This means a focus on whole foods (power foods) like veggies and fruits as well as lean sources of protein.

Second, I will incorporate meditation into my routine daily — with a focus on being fully present throughout the day (especially while eating).

Third, I will include 21 day fix workouts on days when I’m not schedule to run & strength workouts on days I do run.  For example, yesterday I ran in the morning and did Back & Biceps later that night.

How was your weigh in this week?

Do you incorporate meditation into your routine?

How do you balance workouts (strength v cardio, etc…)?

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