Just for Fun Friday

Just for Fun Friday

Summer time means having lots and lots of fun!

This week, the fun is in the planning!

Hubby and I have been invited to spend some time with his folks this summer.  They are renting a cabin by a lake and it’ll be my first time (even though they’ve been doing this for years).

My M.I.L. called today and booked the dates for the cabin while I booked dates for a rental car.  Now that things are reserved, it’s so exciting!!


Vacation = motivation!

Picture this, my M.I.L. on speakerphone chatting with hubby and I while I rummage through my drawers and closet to find my swimsuit.  Once I find the little bugger, I (of course) try it on.

Nothing like a reality check to MOTIVATE!

Knowing that I’ll be seeing hubby’s whole family [and knowing they’ll be seeing me in my swimsuit as we spend time by the lake] is a great appetite and craving suppressant.  It’s also great for workout motivation.

Girl Time

There’s been a lot of girl talk and girl time as well.  This weekend, a very dear friend of mine will be coming over for mani/pedi/scary movie/sleepover time!  Hubby will be away for the weekend, so it’ll be just us girls!!


What are you doing for fun today?  

Do you enjoy having girl time?

 When was your last vacation?  Do vacations motivate you towards healthy choices too?

Let me know (with some details please!) in the comments below ^_^

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