Tuesday’s Treats #7

Tuesday’s Treats #7

It’s Tuesday, which means I’m all about treats today.  After a weekend of girly fun, I feel like I’ve been well “treated” and am going to focus on self care as my reward of choice.

Treats from Girl’s Weekend

My bestie and I had a girls only weekend that included a sleepover.  We watched movies, ate junk food, and got the glitteriest mani/pedi’s EVER!


This morning’s Treats

First up, my morning run.  I set my mind on the goal of running and set my music to motivate.  It was a hot one, but it felt SOO GOOD.

Once I finished my run, I made my recovery drink of choice — a Protein Latte.  This is basically a scoop of EAS Lean 15 Protein Powder  mixed into iced coffee instead of water.  I ran out of iced coffee, so I used a scoop of my favorite Espresso powder and lots of ice and water.

For Breakfast, I made avocado toast with a whole fried egg + 1 egg white on top.  Something about the yolk + avocado is the best most amazing treat ever.  Adding a ton of Korean Hot Pepper Powder bumps it up a notch.  A generous sprinkle is REQUIRED for deliciousness.

Paired with some fat slices of Watermelon, my tummy was in heaven!


Afternoon/Evening Treats

This afternoon, I have to do some work and then go to a dinner meeting — where I’ll be treating myself to a meal of FISH!  Something I love to eat, but don’t often cook for myself.  This is mostly because I can’t stand the smell that lingers once fish is cooked in a small space, but partly because Hubby doesn’t eat fish — and I don’t like making a fuss for something only I’ll eat.

Once the meeting’s over, I’ll do my Upper Body Strength workout and have a quick shower before some one on one time with Hubby.

We’ll end the evening with some movies that I’ve wanted to watch — they’ve been sitting on my Netflix for what feels like 254 years.



How are you treating yourself this week?

What’s your stance on glittery nail polish??

Do you eat Fish at home?  If so, how do you prevent the fishy smell???

Let me know in the comments below ^_^

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