Weigh in Wednesday #7

Weigh in Wednesday #7

This past week’s eating plan was based on the 21 day fix eating plan (4 servings of protein/veg, 3 servings of fruit/carbs, etc…).  Meals were designed around these while tracking using WWPP.

For exercise, I did my training runs but also incorporated the 21 day fix workouts.  My idea was to try this for one week to see how it felt… and I have to say, it felt pretty good.

I felt so good and so successful with this combination that I’m doing it again this week!

Goals from Last week

  1.  Eating 21 day fix plan
    • This went well!  I was not striving for perfection, but this eating plan emphasizes portion control (which I tend to cheat) and clean foods (power foods).  By trying to get all 4 servings of veg and protein and al 3 servings of fruit in each day, I found myself eating really well.  I didn’t feel hungry, but when I felt like indulging – I just made sure it fit into my points for the day/week.
  2. Meditation
    • I took time to meditate most every day.  Some times it was just on the run – zoning out and letting the music flow.  Other times, I used the Headspace app and took a 10 minute meditation break.  It’s getting easier, but as far as how it impacts the rest of my day, we’ll have to see with continued practice.
  3. 21 day fix workouts
    • This went well!  I’ve found myself in different places each day — a few days working out was a challenge, others it was a joy.  It was nice to just press the play button my DVD player and go.  I can definitely feel these workouts today though — will need to stretch more.  With all this extra time in the summer, it’s really a nice commitment to work out every day — every. single. day.

Results from Happy Scale

Last week, my moving average was 193.4 and my 10-day-best was 192.6.

Today, my moving average is 192.0 and my 10-day-best is 191.0!

As far as progress towards my goals/milestones, my next goal is to get below 190 — this makes 189 a milestone.  2 lbs to go!!

My weight trends are all “in the green” – meaning I’m trending down.  In the past 90 days, I’ve only lost 3.6lbs, which is due to gains and losses canceling out the effort.  I’m determined to keep these all green and moving!

The most exciting change is under Predictions, where it now says that I’ll reach my 189 Milestone in 25 days (instead of over a Year!!).


Points Breakdown


Monday – 30/30/+1

Tuesday -30/37/+3

Wednesday -30/34/+2

Thursday – 30/43/+5

Friday – 30/38/+7

Saturday -30/42/+6

Sunday – 30/54/+3

Totals:  Goal – 210, Actual – 278, Activity – 27, Weeklies – 49

This means I ended the week with 8 leftover points!!!  Compared to last week, this is such an improvement!

Goals for this week

My goals for this week are similar to last week — because why change something that I feel good about and that worked for me?

  1.  Eat based on the 21 day fix and WWPP
  2. Meditate!
  3. Workout based on the 21 day fix workouts and include the training runs


How did your weigh in go this week?

What have you found that’s worked?

Have you ever merged together programs like this?

Let me know in the comments below ^_^

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