Thursday’s Thoughts & things

Thursday’s Thoughts & things

It’s that day of the week again, where I share random thoughts and things from my life.  Do you like these types of posts?  Should I keep doing this?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Father’s Day

With Sunday being Father’s Day, I can’t help but think about my own Papa.  We normally don’t do anything crazy for our father’s (my dad and my father in law) — since they don’t like the attention.  Well, at least they don’t claim to like the attention.  Usually we’ll do a card or a small gift.  If we’re in town or nearby we’ll do a meal either at home or at the restaurant of their choice.

I’m considering starting a new tradition… text blasts.

My parents are new to texting, but have really taken a liking to it for the past two years.  Really, since my mom got an iphone and discovered the pure joy of emoji’s… and the ease of switching from an English to a Korean keyboard.  These things are much easier on an iphone than on the other phones they used.

My plan is to get out as many old photos as possible and just start texting them to him one after another starting as God-Awful-Early as I can.  There’s a really good one where we both had awesome bedhead.  It’s my #1.

Random Father Story

The story that best summarizes the relationship my dad had with my toddler self is how I woke him up from one particular nap.

He was working nights at the time, so he was always asleep when we were awake and gone while we were asleep.  I wasn’t more than 3 or 4 and must’ve been missing my daddy terribly at the time.

Usually, he would get home, shower, eat, and then head to bed.  He would always make sure the bedroom door was closed and the rule was no going in unless the door is opened.  Once he’d slept enough, he’d swing the door open and come on out to play with us and hang out.

My mother must’ve gone into the bedroom for something and forgotten to close the door after her.  The way my dad tells it, she did this on purpose when she decided he had slept enough.  Either way, the open door was the cue that it was officially, “daddy’s awake” time.

As the ninja I have always been and definitely was, I stealthily launched into a full sprint from the end of the hallway to the foot of the bed where I proceeded to do a full tuck jump and land knees first into his back.

You see, my pop sleeps on his tummy (or did on this day), so he took both knees into his back as a gentle nudge to consciousness.

It was awesome!!

If you ask him, it was debilitatingly painful.  So let’s not ask him…. Awesome it is.


When Eminem is your hype man

I played this song on repeat — Till I Collapse — The first minute… motivates me!



Do you have any fond memories of your father(s)?

What do you normally do to celebrate?

Who’s your hype man/woman?

Is there a certain song that just gets you going?

Let me know in the comments below ^_^

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