Weigh in Wednesday #8

Weigh in Wednesday #8

It’s weigh in Wednesday — and I’ve been battling my internet service provider since yesterday.  It seems they cannot fix the issue over the phone and will have to send out a technician sometime between 1 and 4 pm today.  Luckily, I have no plans to do anything other than work out…


Goals from Last week

  1.  Eating 21 day fix plan
    • This went well, until Saturday — we tried a new breakfast spot, spent the morning running errands, and then found a new spot for lunch (where I indulged in fried foods and cheese and carbs!).  I stayed within my points, but definitely didn’t eat as “clean” as I usually do.
  2. Meditation
    • I barely meditated at all this week  o_o.  I’m going to reserve this practice for when Fall is in full swing, as I think it’ll be more beneficial when I’m stressed or anxious.  For now, I’m just enjoying the sunshine and chill days.
  3. 21 day fix workouts
    • This went super well!  I’ve found enjoyment (and an immense feeling of pride) working out every day– every. single. day.  On days when I run, I get two workouts per day, but I run in the morning and lift in the evening.  I’ve been feeling really recharged by the evening or afternoon workouts, so I’ll keep listening to my body and pace myself if necessary.

Results from Happy Scale

Last week, my moving average was 192.0 and my 10-day-best was 191.0

This week, my moving average is 190.9 and my 10-day-best is 189.6!! WOOHOO!

This means my moving average is 1.1lbs less than last week’s!  WOOT WOOT!

This is really encouraging, even though — to be honest — I was alittle upset from the scale’s results this morning.  I weighed in at 193!  Last week I was eating really well and feeling really strong with my workouts, but then splurged for mostly the whole weekend.  Saturday was full of eating out and “treats”, though I managed to stay within my PointsPlus allowance.

Points Breakdown


Monday – 30/39/+3

Tuesday -30/30/+3

Wednesday -30/30/+2

Thursday – 30/36/+6

Friday – 30/32/+2

Saturday -30/62/+2

Sunday – 30/31/+5

Totals:  Goal – 210, Actual – 260, Activity – 23, Weeklies – 49

This means I ended the week with 22 leftover points!!!  Compared to last week’s 8, this feels like a lot!

Goals for this week

My goals for this week are a bit different from last week but are in the same vein:

  • Eat single ingredient foods with every meal.
    • I’ll be using the 21 day fix containers to ensure portion control, and keep in the spirit of the 21 day fix as far as the number of servings of each type of food.  So in a way, this is the same as my 21 day fix eating plan goals — I’m just upping the ante in that for this week, I’ll be trying to eat foods with a single ingredient.  Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Beef, Broccoli, Lettuce, — foods that are whole and clean.  This means avoiding those meals of mac and cheese from a box or super processed cheese crackers.
  • Workout out every day!
    • Though this week is going well so far, I feel that soon I’ll tire of the 21 day fix workouts (?) Maybe?  If so, I wanted a goal that would keep me active and focused on strength/fitness but won’t keep me in a box.  (When I feel boxed in, I tend to also get scatter brained and discouraged — so trying to avoid this is best).
  • Be Grateful each day
    • There is so much to be grateful for in this world — and remembering to be grateful first is so important to me.  I refuse to be one of those jerks that takes everything for granted!  [Today, I’m grateful for all of you readers — just FYI!]

How did your weigh in go this week?

What workouts have you found that’ve worked?

Have you ever had to change up  your programs to keep things interesting?

Let me know in the comments below ^_^


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