Weigh in Wednesday & some random thoughts 

Weigh in Wednesday & some random thoughts 

First up — we should address the fact that it’s SOOO HOT in the south!

When it’s over 100 degrees, I turn into a total hermit.  I stay indoors, close all the insulated blinds, crank the AC, and hide in the cool darkness.


I’m so looking forward to a break in this heat, but for now the humidity and the heat makes me weak — ugh!



Weigh in Wednesday!

In honor of weigh in Wednesday, I’d like to quickly share today’s weight — no fancy Happy Scale pics for today — doing it old school.

188.4! <– current weight!!!

That’s a loss of 0.6lbs!!!


This includes the fact that Saturday’s lunch was a cheat meal of HALF A DIGIORNO PIZZA!!!!  Boom!


I’m one step closer to my July goal of hitting 180 and one step closer to my overall goal of getting to a fit 150!

Random thoughts –

First, hubby and I completed our first 1000 piece puzzle together!  Here are some pics as proof!

First night working on puzzle
Progress after second day’s dabbling
Final Product — End of day 3 — It’s a 1000 piece puzzle!


















Second, I’ve been sporting some pretty exciting knee socks lately.


Being a hermit & staying in the AC means that sometimes my toes get chilly, so socks help.  They are also super stylish, so don’t be jelly — just get some girls!




How was your weigh in this week?

What do you do to beat the heat?  Do you run from it like me

What kind of socks are your favorite?

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