This weeks treats!!

This weeks treats!!

This week I made sure to treat myself and take note of the treats as we’re getting ready to spend time with family — which usually means I forget about me and go all in on family time.


My first treat was to go for a sushi date with hubby!  He even let me have two bites of this awesome crispy California roll — avocado, crab, cucumber, tangy mayo, and crispy onions on top! MMMM


I ordered the Sushi Bento box, which came with four different types of rolls: California roll (top left), Philly roll – smoked salmon and cream cheese (top right), Spicy Tuna Roll (bottom left), and Salmon roll (bottom right).  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Philly was so unexpectedly delicious — that smoked flavor and creamy cheese is BOMB!


The next treat is a new Pop that I wanted to try.  I haven’t been drinking any pop at all until I was hit with the urge — I was reminiscing about the last time I had a diet coke (over a month ago!) and it started to sound good!  As a former diet coke/diet dr pepper addict, I wanted to something that could hit those same notes, but without the scary artificial sweeteners and chemical additives.

I heard about these Zevia sodas – which are made with natural ingredients and Stevia instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners – from LiveLeanTV’s Jessica Gouthro — her snapchat is one to follow!  Such an inspirational fitness couple!

I tried this cola flavor and the cream sold flavor — both are zero calories and super yummy, but cream soda WINS!  I can’t even tell that it’s zero calories!!


Lastly, I got my nails done!  Mani/pedi time is super important for me — mostly because it’s a non-food reward for a week’s worth of hard runs and training.  These colors just screamed summer to me — the nails are a bright orangey pink and the toes are a green/blue that I love!

Also — Thank you for ignoring the fact that my hand is tanner than my feet — I’m rocking a total sock tan!  That’s how it always goes… Anyone else rocking a sock tan?



How are you treating yourself this week?

 What’s your favorite drink in the summer months?  

Are you rocking a sock tan this summer?

 What nail color screams “summer!” to you?

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