Weigh In Wednesday #11

Weigh In Wednesday #11

It is STILL SOOOO HOT here!  I can’t even handle it!  It’ll be over 80 before the sun is fully risen 🙁  AND be 95% ++ humidity!


Can’t wait until FALL… My favorite season!

Weigh in Wednesday!

Here are my results from Happy Scale

187.4! <– current weight!!!

That’s a loss of a full pound this week!!!!


I’m excited and motivated beyond words!  I also can’t help but notice that my Milestone 5 prediction is less than a month and that my final goal prediction has moved from over a year to 7 months!  I feel the need to beat the prediction — so I’m going to try to hit goal is 6 months… not that it matters because hitting goal is hitting goal!!



How was your weigh in this week?

Are you a morning runner or an evening runner?  

How do you rehab after a long week of running?

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