The Detectorists, Planning menus, workout boredom

The Detectorists, Planning menus, workout boredom

Hi there!  Hello!  Greetings!


I’m currently in the process of riding out my first caffiene burst of the day and thought I’d take advantage of this surge of productivity to chat…type…blog?  Anyway, I have just a few random thoughts for your Friday!


The Detectorists


This BBC show is a definite gem — if you have Netflix, I would recommend binging on the first season!  It’s only 6 episodes, but it might just make your summer.

The show is about two friends who share a hobby – Metal Detecting.  You’ll recognize these two actors, but you might not be able to put your finger on where you’ve seen them before.  They’re not leading actors in most of the films they’ve appeared in, but in this they take the spotlight.  This should happen more often.

The show follows these two Metal Detectorists (Andy and Lance) as they work, attend Metal Detector Club meetings, mingle with friends/enemies, and search for treasures on the English countryside.

If you’re like me, and root for the underdog, you’ll immediately embrace this odd group of hobbyists!  Worth the watch!


Planning Menus

Normally I take the lead and plan menus for hubby and I.  It’s easier for me (on most occasions) because I can remember what we have in stock and what needs to be used up.  This means I can pull recipes together based on what we have instead of having to purchase all the ingredients for a specific recipe — which can add up.

This week, I just felt OVER IT… I think I’m a bit burned out or exhausted or something.  Usually, I can shake it off and do whatever needs to be done.  This time, hubby stepped up before I had to channel my inner BadA$$.  It was so sweet and he did a really good job!  Here’s what he planned:

  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Meatballs (crockpot)
  • Lasagna (frozen)
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Turkey burgers
  • Korean Chicken w/ Dumplings
  • Steak w/ Potatoes & Salad

I whipped up a shopping list with just a few ingredients and before we knew it, we were all set for the next week and a half!


What’ll be crucial now is eating up all the foods — so when we travel nothing will go to waste.


Workout Boredom

I want consistency — until I get bored and then I want a change  — until I panic that I’m sabotaging my results, so then I want consistency again.

Anyone else with me?

I’ve been doing the combination of 21 day fix and running for 5 weeks — the first 3 weeks I did 2 a days (where I worked out every day in addition to 3-4 runs per week).  These last two weeks, I’ve been either running or working out since my mileage has been increasing and I’m trying to “save” my joints — or at least baby them on non-run days.

I think 5 weeks of the same workouts is even more boring looking on paper.  I did these workouts because I felt like they worked for me — I would always have a good sweat and feel stronger afterwards.  But the boredom!

So now I’m at a point where I’m looking for different strength training workouts to do at home instead of the 21 day fix dvd’s.  I’m also looking for workouts to do while traveling, since I won’t have access to weights or a dvd player.

I tried a new workout last night called The Runner’s Must Do Workout.  Apparently, these five moves are really helpful for runners… so I tried it.  Not going to lie – it felt a bit easy… compared to what I’m used to.  I think this is because it’s not cardio – it’s strength.

Cardio for me is what makes me sweat!  I feel exhausted, out of breath, and fully spent.  I don’t feel this way after strength workouts — but I do feel sore the next day.  I know strength training is important, but I can’t escape the idea that I’m “cheating” by not dripping sweat.

Am I the only one that feels like this?


Not to say that I didn’t sweat — those walking lunges HURT!  I just wasn’t dripping like I normally would.


This is why I started this section of my post with the cycle — I wanted change but now I’m worried that I’m sabotaging my results (because I’m not sweating as much as I would’ve in the weeks prior) so I feel like I should give up the search for something new and go back to the 21 day fix dvd’s.


Anyone else watch random BBC shows?

How do you menu plan?

Am I the only one on the crazy “boredom/change” cycle??

Let me know in the comments!

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