Vacation sentence per picture

Vacation sentence per picture



It’s been such a fun family vacation so far!  I’ve been able to get in my training runs and have seen SO MANY gorgeous things… I thought I should share a few with you:


Lighthouse on the Great Lakes:



Sunset – Mackinaw Bridge — We were able to snap a few pics of this 5 mile long suspension bridge right as the sun set.



Mackinaw Bridge – It’s hard to see in this pictures but the lights are red, blue, and amber and look so bright in real life…



How is your training going?  

What’s your favorite family vacation spot?  

**Question:  how do you recover from a vacation?  I’m still getting my runs in, but I’m not in control of preparing my meals — so I’m not eating as well as I should be eating (too many carbs, too few fruit/veg).

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