Cramps, Stiffness, and missed runs

Cramps, Stiffness, and missed runs

Hello and welcome!  I have some random things to discuss with you today — but first a question…

Question of the day — is it okay to miss runs?

Cramps, Stiffness, & Missed runs

I ask this Q.O.D because this whole vacation thing has really been a challenge to my training schedule.  Running in unfamiliar terrain, on a weird time schedule, with some G.I. stress due to unfamiliar foods is not what I would call ideal… but I still go my long runs in!  I just had to fiddle with the other, shorter runs on my running plan.

Normally, I use how I’m feeling as a rule of thumb – watching out for pain or soreness – as my goal is just to finish my first marathon (not hit a specific time goal).  If I’m feeling especially tired or sore or nursing a muscle group, I’ll cut my 4 runs per week to 3 runs per week and sub in an extra day of stretching and recovery.  The focus (for me) is on the long runs and to make these quality.

I realize that as I get closer to marathon day (I have 10 weeks left… EEK!!!) I’ll have to make every run count so my body gets truly used to the mileage.

My body is currently recovering from the vacay with a bonus of period cramps, bloating, and overall aches.  I’ve also been having some lovely & random cramps on the bottom of my right foot, which I think is due to both running and driving for a vacay total of 48 hours over the course of two weeks (some times for 15 hours in a single stretch).

I’m also crazy stiff — this morning I couldn’t turn over without pain.  It took me a few seconds to work my way out of bed.

You may be asking yourself — is she just exaggerating?  It could be — I’m usually more sensitive and moody this time of the month.  It reads as a bunch of excuses, but I’m really feeling anxious that my body isn’t feeling right.

Has anyone else felt like this?


I pulled out the measuring tape this morning and then dug through old measurements to see how I compare.  I also stepped on the scale again today just to see if my weight was going up or going down.  I then set upon a quest to find old measurements to compare myself to.  Boy was that a task!

Are there any good apps or resources that can help me keep track of my measurements?

All of my measurements have gone down — even with my terrible eating… which makes me think that there’s definitely more to this whole weight loss/fitness thing than just following rules and eating “perfectly”.

What are your thoughts?  



Digging around to find older measurements led me on a quick path jaunt down memory lane.  I found myself flipping through photos of my meals and my post workout faces.  It was interesting to see what resembles a pattern of 100% commitment, pushing myself/punishing myself, and then falling back into my “old” ways.

I couldn’t help but think of posts that I’ve recently revisited from the Nerd Fitness blog.  I can’t remember which post it was in, or the exact phrasing, but the point made was something like, “if you want different results, you have to be different”.

I think, fundamentally, I haven’t changed.  I still eat out pretty regularly, I still sit still or lay around the house as much as possible, and I still have moments when I binge on junk food/sweets.  In order for me to change for life, I have to make life changes and these are the big ones:

  • Eat real food – usually home cooked
  • Be active – throughout the day in a fun way
  • Embrace the different emotions throughout life – the good, the bad, the anxious… it’s what makes me human!

Baby steps and minor goals will help with all three of these big goals.  Mainly I want to relax!  I constantly obsess over what to eat, which workout to do, etc…  I want to relax and just live.


How do you handle your crampy days?

Do you track your measurements?

Have any tips on how to think about weight loss differently?

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