Just for Fun Friday!

Just for Fun Friday!

This Friday (and this weekend) is all about soaking up the last bit of summer fun and laziness before work starts up again next week.

Double Feature!

Late last night, hubby and I crawled into bed having seen both Star Trek Beyond and the new Jason Bourne movie!  Both were excellent and WORTH THE WATCH, but the real treat was being able to see two movies back to back!

Our little town has a small movie theater where ticket prices are between $4 and $6 depending on the time, as matinees are usually thriftier.  This meant that hubby and I could both see two movies on the same night for about $20!!  We felt super pumped and in the movie spirit, so we split an $11 “family” popcorn/soda deal.  It came with two HUGE sodas and a monster popcorn — all with free refills.

Our first movie was earlier in the night, so we originally planned on catching a quick dinner in between movies — but ate so much popcorn that we skipped dinner altogether!

It was well worth it–the theater had those powdered seasoning thingies to put on your popcorn to flavor it like Ranch (for me) or White Cheddar (for hubby).  SOO ADDICTIVE!!  If you’ve never tried it, I would definitely recommend adding some flavor to your baggie or bowl of popcorn.

Pro Tips: You don’t have to choose one flavor, sprinkle one flavor on half and keep the other half plain or buttered.  To make sure the flavored powders penetrate your whole bag, ask the servers to fill it half full — sprinkle in some flavor — then add more popcorn and sprinkle the top.  OR gentle shake or shimmy the bag to let the powder settle.  Can you tell I’m a flavored popcorn addict??


Junk Food TV

Being on vacation with family is SO FUN that I forget to watch my junk food tv shows!  That means that all day today I can catch up on Real Housewives!! **Totally my guilty pleasure!!**


If you’re looking for me today, you’ll find me in my living room — flopped out on the couch OR stretching on the floor.  Either way, only a handful of chores will be completed today… and I’m fine with that!



What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Have you ever done a double feature?

*If not, I Double dog dare you!*  

Have you tried the flavored popcorn powders??

*If not, I Triple dog dare you! If so, what’s your favorite?*




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