Marathon Monday Wk 17

Marathon Monday Wk 17

Happy Marathon Monday All!!

How’s your training going?  What are you training for?


Heat faint? Overexertion?

I just peeled myself off my kitchen floor after nearly passing out!  I finished a 4 mile run this morning by really pushing it.  It was hot, I was hot, it was humid, I was dripping — needless to say, it was a rough one.

Part of my issue was waking up later than I wanted and then not bringing my water bottle because it was “only” a 4 mile run… mistakes!  I wasn’t fueled properly and wasn’t hydrating properly… that combined with the constant struggle to push further and harder — all added up to something bad.

I couldn’t catch my breath, my ears felt clogged, I was apparently shaking/trembling, and I felt really weak.  Climbing the stairs to my little apartment felt like a monumental task.  By the time I made it thru my kitchen, all I could do was lean on the wall.  I closed my eyes and tried to focus on breathing — but felt like I was asleep!!

After a few moments, I shake myself awake and decide to lay on the floor and drink some water.  All while my worried hubby looks on, wondering if I’m okay.

I feel much better now!  It’s been less than an hour — but I’ve hydrated and fueled (water and a protein shake with banana and PB and chocolate whey powder).  I don’t feel fuzzy headed anymore and actually feel pretty strong… but hubby doesn’t want me to over do it again.  So I’m on bed rest until lunch time 🙁   I guess this means I’ll have to watch junk TV and not do any chores 😀


Training So Far…

With less than 10 week left until my marathon, it feels like it’s really time to dial in and get serious.  Over the past few months, I’ve missed a run here or there — decided to run 3 days a week instead of 4 depending on what I was doing, and have been like a pendulum swinging from good nutrition goddess to junk food junkie.

This past week was a rough one.  I only got in one run, a 5 miler on Wednesday.  I just felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep!  So that’s what I did instead of lacing up for my runs.

This week, I vowed to recommit and refocus — starting with remembering why I’m even doing this!


This week’s Training:

Monday – 4 miles & Yoga/recovery

Tuesday – Upper Body Strength & Stretching

Wednesday – 6 miles & Yoga/recovery

Thursday – 4 Miles & Foam Rolling

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 12 miles & Foam rolling

Sunday – OFF


I decided to have two full days off this week to make sure I fully recover for and from my long run.  I also ordered a hydration vest to make sure there’s no more of this heat fainting non-sense!  (I feel like such a dummy for letting that happen but also truly blessed that I made it all the way home before any of the fainting/dizziness/breathlessness kicked in).



Have you ever struggled in the heat?

What ways do you use to beat the heat?

How do you hydrate on your runs?





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