Tuesday’s Treats!

Tuesday’s Treats!

I’m proud to report that I feel 100% better today!  Even though the heat gave me some issues yesterday, I wasn’t going to let it keep me down!  I fully recovered yesterday and felt completely recharged today.

I even had enough energy to run to the bank, get groceries, make hubby lunch, complete my upper body strength workout and do four loads of laundry!  All before having any coffee!!  (I’m sipping my first cup as I sit here typing — and it’s around 3:30PM).

Today’s Treats

French press coffee — I usually drink drip coffee during the lazy summer months.  I have a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee warm all day, so if I brew a whole pot in the morning I can sip on it all day.  I’ve also been known to nurse a pot well into the next day and just switch up to iced coffee or reheat by the cup.  Needless to say, a fresh pot of french press coffee is a total treat and some bonus points for actually getting half and half instead of using leftover skim or almond milk.

Luxurious black liquid gold…. mmmm


No Makeup & Chill clothes — My job is one where I have to dress nice each day.  Makeup, blowout, ironed slacks… the works.  Mostly because it’s a professional setting but partially because I’m a good decade or two or three younger than most of my colleagues.  Wearing no makeup or more relaxed attire (like some of my colleagues) makes me look 12.  Not that I’m complaining, but I respect my colleagues and my work a lot and so I put on my “Sunday best” every day.

On a day like today, when I knew I would be sweating and getting funky, it is such a treat to wear gym clothes all day and tie my hair back and have a completely naked face!  Feels like SUMMER!


POPCORN!!! — A few blog posts ago  I mentioned how the theater by us has the best powdered popcorn seasoning.  I also may have mentioned that instead of having an actual dinner, hubby and I just had a HUGE bowl of popcorn at the theater that was completely coated in the stuff.  His side was white cheddar and my side was ranch.

I also found the type of microwavable bags of popcorn where the bag turns into a bowl.  How have I not purchased this before??!!!  Decided on the the movie theater butter flavor and coated the fully cooked bag with a dusting of Ranch seasoning.  Had that with a jug of water for my snack today — amazing!!



Treating myself by treating others

Hubby has been having a stressful few days… it’s good stressful and exciting, but still is visibly taking a toll on him.  To help, I thought of putting my energy into helping take some of the burden off his shoulders.  Even if only for the day.  Here’s what I did:

  • Walked the dog (*Normally his chore)

  • Took out the trash (*Normally his chore)
  • Made him waffles & turkey bacon for breakfast
  • Ironed his work clothes
  • Made him a bomb turkey sandwich for lunch
  • Did the laundry (*Normally his chore)
  • Planned a Korean Food Feast for dinner (rice, bulgogi, kimchi pancakes, cold spicy noodles, dumplings, cucumber side dish, and possibly some potato salad as a side dish too)


How are you treating yourself today?

Do you like popcorn?  What’s your favorite flavor of popcorn?

How did you help others this week & how did it make you feel?

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