Marathon Monday Wk 18

Marathon Monday Wk 18

Well hello gorgeous!


How was your week?  I hope it was good!!


This Marathon Monday, as I’m reflecting on last week’s training, I’m so thankful for AC and treadmills!  Monday was a tough run — not because of distance or speed, but because of heat/humidity/dew point.  I ended up really struggling and passing out/fainting due to heat and exhaustion.  After that scare, I was super vigilant about staying cool for the remainder of the week.

Planned/Actual *notes*

Monday – 4 miles/ 4 miles *heat faint!*

Tuesday – Upper Strength & Stretch / Upper strength & stretch

Wednesday – 6 miles/ 6 miles *treadmill* + Triceps & Chest

Thursday – 4 miles/ 4 miles *treadmill + Chest & Legs

Friday – OFF/Stretching

Saturday – 12 miles/ 12 miles *used hydration vest — took it REALLY SLOW!!!*

Sunday – Yoga + Foam Rolling / Yoga + Foam rolling


How Last Week Went

After Monday’s heat episode, I was super cautious about hydration and the heat.  I planned my next two runs (Wen & Thurs) for indoors at my work’s gym.  There’s a treadmill and a great little free weights and weight machine area, so I also reconfigured my strength training to utilize this equipment.  Oh how I’ve missed it!!  At home I just have adjustable dumbbells, so all the equipment and barbells was AWESOME!

Speaking of awesome, treadmills with built in fans — mind blown!   The gym was super empty (since we’re still in summer, next week it’ll be crazy busy), so it was super cold!  I set the fans to high and they blew right in my face.  Every treadmill run was just amazing!  I listened to podcasts the first day and watched Netflix on my phone the second day.  It made the time go by a bit faster but I also made sure to cover up the distance/time readout so that I wasn’t just staring at each tenth of a mile that ticked by.

Saturday was the big test — a long run outside in the heat, after Monday’s episode, was kinda scary to think about.  I didn’t want to faint on the road and get hit by a car or [insert other scary possibilities]… I decided to put my new hydration vest [camelbak marathoner] to good use!

First, I filled the 2 liter bladder almost full.  Then I packed the pockets full of raisins (fuel), my cell phone (in case I needed to call for a pick up), pepper spray, paper towels (to wipe sweat from my eyes – I hate that feeling when you get sweat in your eyes!), and sunglasses.  I put the vest on, hosed myself down with sunblock, and headed out

Even fully loaded, the hydration vest was almost unnoticeable.  It felt heavy in my hands, but once I strapped it on it felt like nothing!  I could only hear the water sloshing around when I wasn’t listening to anything — but it was almost the same level of sloshing noise as my handheld water bottle, so I wasn’t offended by it or distracted in anyway.  It was SO NICE to be hands free!  I didn’t have to worry about my hands getting slippery and dropping my water, I could just relax and run.


I was dripping wet with sweat by the end of my run, but I finished!  I took it super slow — slower than I thought was “necessary”, but I finished strong!!


This week

Monday – 4 Miles

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

Wednesday – 6 miles & Chest & Triceps

Thursday – 4 miles + Legs & Shoulders

Friday – Rest & Recover

Saturday – 14 miles

Sunday – Rest & Recover



How was your training last week?

What’s your plan for this week?

Do you run inside/outside?  Why?  Which is your favorite?





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