Just for Fun Friday!

Just for Fun Friday!

Happy Friday!!


I’m so pumped that today is Friday!  I have lots of not so fun things planned for this weekend (Chores, chores, chores… ) but to balance that all out, I have a few fun things in mind!


To start off the weekend like a true hermit, I have planned a quiet night in!

I stumbled across this website that lists 17 things to watch on Netflix when you’re in the mood for a girl’s night in.  I won’t be watching the whole list, but I will definitely be watching some Gilmore Girls, A ballerina’s tale, and maybe Legally Blonde?  If I’m not pooped!


The menu is a frozen lasagna with salad and texas toast, which is probably the easiest dinner ever.  A way to make the evening all about fun (and chores) instead of about fussing and fretting in the kitchen.


As soon as I get home I’m going to change into pajamas (anyone else do this?) and get the movie night/tv show night started!


This weekend

To continue the fun, we’re planning on a date night tomorrow night!  We aren’t quite sure what all that’ll include, but just setting aside the time for one another is a seriously fun time!
I’ll also have to schedule in some nail time — Starting school means lots of chips in my nail polish!  Moving boxes, books, and using the computer like a madwoman all wage serious war on my little nails.  Pampering myself will help me feel recharged for Monday 😀



What are you doing for fun today?

Do you ever need a night in?

What’s your pre-long run ritual?


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