Tuesday’s treats!

Tuesday’s treats!

It’s Taco Tuesday and while tacos are my favorite treat, my spoils don’t stop there!


Coffee Break

One of my coworkers was the absolute sweetest and gave me a Starbucks Gift Card!  So you know I had to walk to the closest location and grab a coffee!  This is the pic of my flat white after several yummy sips!

Starbucks Flat White

Actual Tissues

This may not seem like a treat to you, but to me, actual tissues are a luxury item!  In my house, we usually use toilet paper 🙁  I know!

While battling my current ICK I felt super fancy and grabbed several boxes.  I brought a box to work, gave a few boxes to hubby for him to use, and left a box in the car for home.

Side note:  I’ve blown my nose so many times over the last 4 days that I look like Rudolph!  Red rough nose! 🙁




This was actually a treat for last week, but my boss called a meeting so I had to reschedule.  I need a haircut!  My current ‘do is shapeless and fights me when I try to style it.  That’s how I know it’s time.

Found this pic from Pinterest and am hoping my stylist can get my hair close!  My current length is off the shoulders, just below the ears — so to get this look would only take a little snip and some re-layering.




I’ll also try to do something about my mess of a manicure.  Currently, I’m rocking overgrown cuticles and chipped polish — super glam 🙁
Gonna fix that soon!


How are you treating yourself this week?

Do you purchase actual tissues for your house?

What style are you rocking with your hairdo?

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