Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Welcome to Weigh in Wednesday!!  This will mark my fourth week without a specific weight loss plan (no weight watchers, no 21 day fix, no counting calories…).

I’m still trying to figure out how to fuel my body without obsessing – which is easier said than done.  In the past, I have always eaten compulsively; sometimes this means super quickly, tons, and almost in a panic – like someone was going to take away my plate any minute and other times this means tracking/measuring/weighing every bite!!


Last week, my Moving Average was 188.2.  Last Wednesday morning’s weigh in was 189.8.

This week, my Moving Average is 188.3, and this mornings weigh in was 187.6.  That would mean an average gain of 0.1 lbs or a weekly loss of 2.2lbs.

My current Happy Scale Results are as follows:



I recently watched a Ted Talk called “What’s wrong with the way we eat”.  It really got me thinking about the types of foods I eat, the types of foods I crave, and the types of foods I usually don’t crave.  Interesting, I crave sweets/carbs whenever I’m feeling self-indulgent.

I rarely, if ever, crave vegetables.  There are occasions where I feel like I need to eat veggies to even things out, but even during these times I don’t “crave” them.

Veggies also don’t usually make the backbone of my diet… and this is a shame.  My emphasis should be on plants first — then other foods.  This is going to work its way into my goals this week.’


I also feel strongly that my whole mentality towards foods needs to shift.  It’s been a real afterthought in the past, but that’s backwards!  Good Foods in = good health!  If I don’t make good foods a priority, then I’m not making good health a priority!!  Too many members of my family suffer from lifestyle diseases – sleep apnea due to obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc…  I have the responsibility to myself and my loved ones to do everything I can to keep myself in good health, and that starts with food!

Too often, the foods I put on my family’s weekly menu are foods that sound good or are easy to prepare.  This shouldn’t be!  The menu plan should be put together as carefully and thoughtfully as my running/training plan.  A balance of slow burning fuels and long burning fuels with a variety of nutrient sources to keep my strong and allow me to get stronger.


One last nugget to consider – I was raised in a way that food = love.  On your birthday, you got special food.  When  you were in my mom’s good graces you got extra food; usually extra special food  When you were sick/sad/down, you’d get mom’s homemade ____.   This was true for my hubby’s family too!  When he’s homesick or missing his mom, he’ll want one of her recipes cooked up (which is usually calorie rich and carb loaded — the best kinds of recipes, right?!!)

But food isn’t love — food is fuel.  Love is love!

Goals for this week

As far as food goals and weigh loss goals, this week I’m going to aim for each of the following:

  • Eat real food, mostly veggies
  • Calm down!  Chew!  Breathe!
  • Be active every day!


How was your weight in this week?

How do you plan goals for yourself?

What program/plan do you use and why?

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