Tuesday’s treats!

Tuesday’s treats!

For this week’s treats, I got to raid my local pharmacy!

First up, a fall lip gloss color — this is the 8HR Infallible lip gloss from L’Oreal.  It’s in the shade #705 — which I think is called Sangria.

It’s super flattering on my skin tone and is super sticky — so it stays on way longer than any other lip gloss!


Next up, running fuel!


I’ve been training with Raisins — and only raisins — and I’m so sick of Raisins I can’t even tell you.

So I got some new fuel — Swedish fish and gummy bears.  I had to put them in a gallon size baggie because I’ve already sampled a handful of each.  They were delicious!


The last “treat” that I purchased was some new sunblock.  I was running low – so I picked up this spray on sunblock.  I hope it’ll work!


I may also treat myself to a day (or two) off and a manicure at home.  Hmm… Sounds good!



How are you treating yourself today?

Do you use candy as running fuel?

What type of sunblock do you use?

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