Weigh In Wednesday Wk 20!

Weigh In Wednesday Wk 20!

Welcome to Weigh in Wednesday!!  This week will mark the start of month 2 of being on my own… and it’s such a busy day that I only have a quick check in for you!

I’m still figuring out what works for my body, schedule, and life — but I see the scale settling in around 188 – 189.

I’ll be tracking my waist measurements as well, because some days I wake up noticeably bloated!  This bloat will definitely impact how I feel about what I’m eating.  Tracking this will be as important as tracking weight!


Last week, my Moving Average was 188.3. Last Wednesday morning’s weigh in was 187.6.

This week, my Moving Average is 188.1, but today was such a busy morning that I didn’t have a chance to weigh in!  I’ll update as soon as I can get to my scale!


Reactions & thoughts for this week:

This week, I was inspired by the Netflix documentary about Tony Robbins called “I’m not your Guru”.  He’s a very positive person who’s been through some tough stuff.  If he can make it (and if all those people in the movies with terrible pasts can make it) then so can I!

The one piece of advice I took from all his positivity — it’s to be grateful!  I am blessed with so many things in life, that remembering how amazing these things are will allow me to slow down!


Goals for this week

As far as food goals and weight loss goals, this week I’m going to aim for each of the following:

  • Eat real food, mostly veggies
  • Slow down!  Breathe!
  • Be grateful EVERY DAY!

How was your weight in this week?

How do you plan goals for yourself?

What program/plan do you use and why?

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