Weigh in Wednesday Wk 21

Weigh in Wednesday Wk 21

Welcome to Weigh in Wednesday!!  This week we are well into month 2 of being on my own and I’m still not used to it!  There’s a constant battle of wanting to eat all the foods one minute and then wanting to switch to some diet or 30 day challenge the next minute.  In my head, I know that the changes I need to make are way more long term… so I’ll be processing that this week.

One nugget that I’ve taken away from this week’s research is that essentially you have an entirely new body every year.  With cell renewal, you have essentially entirely new skin every 6 months and entirely new organs/blood/etc… every few months or so.  Down to the atomic and subatomic level, elements/protons/neutrons are being replaced with new versions constantly.

The only thing that actually remains the same is your consciousness.  Everything else is constantly changing.

Which means regardless of how I feel about it, I have a completely different body than I did when I was 225lbs.  I have new skin, new muscle tissue, new molecules!  The only that’s the same, is my “inner fat girl” who wants to eat chips and cookies and cake at all times of day.

This is what will change, bit by bit.


Last week, my Moving Average was 188.1 and by the time I had a chance to weigh it, it was this week!

This week, my Moving Average is 188.5 and weighing in this morning I was 190!

Yesterday (and really all week) was a ton of eating that was misaligned with my goals!  Thoughtless, mindless, and a bit selfish..

Reactions & thoughts for this week:


This week, I felt myself falling into old patterns of eating.  Lots of takeout and fast food.  Lots of convenience foods and processed foods.  Basically a lot of laziness and “spoiling” myself with bad choices.

It’s not unusual for my period week to wreak havoc on the rest of my month — every month.  I have to find a way to weed out this negative energy and replace it with something more wholesome.  Why don’t I ever crave lettuce?  Instead, I crave chips, chocolate, and baked goods!!

Goals for this week

As far as food goals and weight loss goals, this week I’m going to aim for each of the following:

  • Eat real food every meal — mostly fruits & veggies
  • Chew my food!  (So I can taste and enjoy it)
  • Be grateful each day!

How was your weight in this week?

How do you balance working out and eating well?

Do you follow a program/diet?  Which one & why?

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