Lighting Someone Else’s Lamp

Lighting Someone Else’s Lamp


Today is Tuesday!!! This usually means TREAT DAY and while I still plan on taking care of myself by stretching, eating well, and enjoying my day; I want to treat my hubby too!

Lately, we’ve both put eating well on the back burner.  We’ve treated ourselves to whatever quick or take out or restaurant meal we think sounds good in the moment and the effects of these poor decisions are showing up.  For me, the scale shows only slight fluctuations – but bad food means feeling lethargic and crummy.  For hubby, yesterday was probably one of the worst days.  He kept running to the bathroom and really struggled with his tummy all day.


This brings me to the point of this post — Lighting someone else’s lamp.

It’s not just about me

I might not feel like cooking.  I might not feel like getting groceries and eating well.  I might prefer eating McDonald’s or some Thai takeout… but it’s not just about me.  In cooking anyway, I’ll help take care of my husband as well as myself.

Last night was day 1 of my week’s mission to care for hubby.  I came home after over an hour on the gym treadmill and was totally beat — but I still made homemade chicken tenders with green beans and mac and cheese for supper.  Some of his favorites!  He felt almost immediately better!  Which made me feel better.  (He even had a second helping — which was a huge deal since he had barely felt like eating most of the weekend).

It made me feel so good to know he was well taken care of.  It’s a new way of thinking to consider my hubby “in need of care”.  We’re both pretty independent at times… but when it comes to food and cooking he really doesn’t know as much as I do.  I’ve been cooking and researching nutrition/recipes for as long as I’ve live on my own.  He’s never really cared about that stuff — so would literally live on granola bars, cereal, and pizza (and did for years!!!).

I’m sure it also made him feel loved to have a home cooked meal.  I know it’s something his family will always do for us when we visit.  My folks, on the other hand, would “treat” us with a meal out — since that was so rare growing up.  Now, it’s the exact opposite of what I actually crave.  I can get Red Lobster anywhere at anytime — but I can’t get my mom’s homemade Korean anywhere but at her place!


I’m going to keep looking out for my hubby today — and in turn look out for myself!


Here’s how I plan to care for him today:

*Taking the car for an oil change so he won’t have to

*Get groceries so the house will be full of good-for-us foods

*Walk the doggie in the morning so he can sleep in

*Cook meals for him!



How do you care for others?

How does it make you feel?

What would be one way you could care for a loved one that would improve their day?

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