18 miles!!!

18 miles!!!

I ran 18 miles today!  With an ear infection!  In the dark (for the first 3-4 miles)!!  This was the first time running this far — So many firsts during this marathon training cycle!!

It was a rough one.  About halfway thru I really needed a potty break, but there was no rest area in sight. So I ran into a wooded area and popped a squat like a survivalist!  This really made me laugh at myself!!  It did the trick and I kept on going.  I’m so glad I always pack extra paper towels!!

During the last half of the run, I was really in my head for some reason. I kept wanting to push myself faster for no reason and this ended up causing cramps in my legs at around mile 15!  Boo!  

I boinked out, cried, and called my hubby — all while running!  He helped talk me down and I pushed through until the very end!  I don’t know what I’d do without my support system!  

My plan for the rest of the day – rest and hydrate!
How was your training today?

Did you save your long runs for the weekend?  Or do you schedule them during the week?

Who’s in your support system?

How do you recover from long runs?

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