Weigh in Wednesday wk 24

Weigh in Wednesday wk 24



That means it’s weigh in Wednesday!  This also is the first week since I’ve started getting real and using tools to manage my weight/health.


Happy Scale Results



My moving average is -0.4 pounds from last week!

My 10 day best is down 0.4 pounds from last week too!





I hit milestone 5!  So now I’m onto milestone 6!  **These were recalibrated for a goal weight of 150lbs.





All time loss of 37.6lbs — Soon this will be an all time loss of 75lbs!  I’m over halfway there!!  (Staying positive)







Being back on Track with my eating – literally and figuratively – has opened my eyes to just how much mindless eating I was doing!  It’s also hit me like a ton of bricks that I’m way out eating whatever activity points/calories I’d normally earn.  After my weekly long runs, I’d indulge in whatever I wanted!  Tons of junky foods, which is why my weight wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.


Last week’s rambling reflections/thoughts made me realize my ultimate goal — learning how to eat!  I want to ultimately learn what foods to eat and in what portions to sculpt a healthy and lean body.  I want to also learn how to balance these foods with treats in a way that’ll allow indulgences without breaking the bank!

I also realized that I’m physically much stronger than I used to be.  And I’m more comfortable exploring discomfort — even though I’d ultimately like to be a ninja, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far.

These realizations have sculpted some new “big picture” goals for me:

  1. Learn how to eat and how to treat
  2. Become a bada$$ ninja

This week’s goals:

In order to work towards my two “big picture” goals — I’ve decided on the following weekly goals:

  • Track and be reasonable!
    • In the past, I would start gaming the system to get more points.  Instead, I want to be reasonable — eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full and not kill myself to be “perfect” but instead to learn what types of foods make me hungry immediately after eating versus foods that keep me full and happy.
  • Strength train!
    • It’s taper time, so my mileage is lower this week.  With a goal of the taper being backing off and resting my legs, I’m going to plan to earn activity points with strength training; something I’ve been lazy about when my mileage piled on.

What are your “big picture” goals?

What are you eating this week?

How are you treating yourself this week?




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