Still Alive! But I smell like bonfire…

Still Alive! But I smell like bonfire…

Well Hello!
It’s so nice to be working at a computer again!  NC was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, which meant major power outages throughout our state.  Many counties are still flooded and in the dark — with FEMA coming to our neighboring county (where I work) to provide assistance and using a local university as a staging area.  So many families have been evacuated… and many more have lost everything due to flooding!

Some of our neighbors had HUGE Oak trees completely fall over — roots and all!  It’s a major blessing that none of our neighbors were hurt!  A few of these trees landed on houses, garages, or cars — but not on people!

Downed Tree — This one hit a parked car in one of our nearby neighborhoods. You can see that the roots were all pulled up and took some of the curb up!
Another Downed Tree — roots and all — This one hit a house!
A friend of mine sent this from her area — those are some kids for scale. They are around 10 years old for reference
Another friend sent me this pic from their relative’s home — they couldn’t leave their driveway until that tree was chopped up and moved

We (hubby and I) were lucky.

Still Alive!

We were without power for about 36 hours — which mean everything in our fridge was pretty much bad but our freezer stuff was still okay!  In an effort to prevent waste, I tried to make meals with all the food that needed to be eaten that could also be cooked over a campfire.  Hubby and I made a makeshift grill/fire in the backyard and made tinfoil dinners to use up some ground turkey and a bunch of veggies before they went bad.

It was actually super tasty!  We had been without power for almost a day at this point — and so we had survived on cold sandwiches and granola bars mostly.   My hubby looked up at me after the first bite to proclaim how good it was to have something warm in his tummy — then proceeded to chow down on the rest of his personal tin foil dinner.  Gathering firewood and tending a fire is hard work!  But it was so worth it!

I always learn a lot more about our resourcefulness when emergencies arise.  Not that they happen often, but in this case I learned that my food hoarding tendencies actually help us — I wager we had enough food to survive at least a few weeks.  I also learned that tea light candles can be used to boil water — and reheat pizza rolls.  Just in case you need this info… about 4 or five is all you need!

One should take note, if you cook over a campfire — you’ll smell like campfire!  No power means no hot water for showers, so that was an issue.  No amount of dry shampoo will get the smell of campfire out of your hair!  Thank goodness for all the electrical workers for getting power restored when they did.  Shower = amazing.

Still got my run in!

Hurricane Matthew hit the Carolinas Saturday — and I had a long run scheduled for that morning.  I moved it to Sunday, which was a good plan as the weather was gorgeous!! 65 with not a cloud in the sky.  With no power, there was not much else to do anyway.  Running an 8 miler around our neighborhood also meant I could take stock of all the damage that was done.

In just the 4 mile loop that I repeated, I counted

  • at least 7 HUGE OAKS completely uprooted in the storm
  • 5 houses hit by branches or trees
  • A handful of cars with damaged windshields or dented tops
  • Two or three flooded streets (which meant I had to turn around and find new running routes)
  • SOOO Much debris littered throughout the streets — my road run was like a trail run!  I even had to stop at one point and empty my shoes from all the grit and junk that got into my socks!  That NEVER happens!




I’m so grateful for so many things — What are you grateful for?

How did you weather the storm?

Have you ever been through a hurricane/tornado/tsunami/etc??

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