4 Days…

4 Days…


I can’t believe my Marathon is coming up!  I checked with the race staff and the weather did not deter the event at all!! 😀
Monday was a day where I was unable to post the last Marathon Monday before the race, so I’ll recap here instead!

Last week’s training Planned//Actual

Monday: 3 Miles // 3 Miles

Tuesday: Rest //Rest

Wednesday: 5 Miles //Rest — Hurricane PREP!

Thursday: 3 Miles // 3 Miles

Friday: OFF// OFF

Saturday: 8 Miles // Off – HURRICANE!

Sunday: OFF/ 8 Miles


This week’s Training Plan

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Run 3 Miles

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday:  Run 3 miles

Friday: Walk 2 miles

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: RACE DAY!!



What do you normally do race week?

Do you have any race week meals that are must have?

How was your week of training?

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