Tuesday = recovery 

Tuesday = recovery 

Tuesday’s Treat day — my treat is RECOVERY!!!

Lots of rest and hydrating going on still.  We are about 2 days post marathon now — and I’m still feeling the stiffness, the soreness, and new places that hurt.  Immediately after the marathon, I knew my feet were shredded and my legs were spent… but yesterday my shoulders were hurting and today it’s my feet.  It’s kind of amazing — a constant reminder that I gave the race a huge piece of myself!!

Couch Potato

I’m being a total couch potato right now.  Later today I will do some adulting (cleaning out fridge, cleaning up kitchen, and grocery shopping w/ lots of meal prep happening) but for now, I’m just being lazy — I earned it!

I’m watching Fat To Finish Line!













Nails need some Love

I wanted to check in with my nails — as I’m happy to report I have all 10 fingernails and all 10 toenails still!! WOOT!  I was super nervous that I was going to lose a big toenail, but apart from being sore and sensitive, they are all A-OK!

img_0706 img_0707

They’ll definitely need some love — as you can see my feet are shredded and my cuticles need moisture!  But for now, I’m just happy to see them!


Today’s treats

First, as I mentioned, laziness and couch potatoness will be my morning treat.

Later today, I plan on taking a leisurely trip to my local Walmart to stock up on goodies and nutrient dense foods.  I’m determined to figure out this whole “how to eat” thing!

Then, definitely a bath and a relaxed night in.  Hubby and I were invited to an evening out with friends but feel strongly that it would work against the early morning we both have… so we’re making the adult choice to plan a different date night day.


How are you treating yourself today?

Do you have any recovery tips to help speed my soreness along?

What’s your favorite way to relax after a huge race?


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