1 Week Post Marathon

1 Week Post Marathon

It’s been 1 week since I completed my first marathon!!


That night

After running the marathon, I walked to the car, changed my shoes and had a banana.  The drive home was going to take several hours, so I changed my sweaty clothes and reclined in my seat so my feet could rest on the dash.  Boy did that help!

Hubby treated me to our favorite drive in — I ordered a hot dog and a cheesesteak since I couldn’t decide which sounded best.  I couldn’t finish the cheesesteak, but still had a few bites of a sundae for dessert.  It was so yummy and by this time we had been in the car for three hours and I was beyond starving.

Walking from the car to the restaurant, I could feel the tightness in my hip flexors, the weakness in my legs, and the stiffness in my back.  Basically, I could feel every inch of those 26+ miles in my body.  They took their toll!

By the time we got home, it was just past 6:30PM.  I only had energy to take stock of my injuries and shower before passing out in my blissfully comfortable bed.  At that time, besides the most chafing I’d ever experienced (I mean every seam chafed me!), I just had feet issues.  My poor wet shoes caused huge blisters on my feet.  After a little TLC on my feet, I was ready to sleep!

The Next day…

The next day was a day off from work, thankfully!  I could tell from the second I opened my eyes that I was stiff and sore!  The focus was no longer on the spots that were blistered, but on my tight hip flexors and stiff/sore legs.

I couldn’t do much more than laze around the couch and have an early night.  My hubby spoiled me by handling the chores and meals.  Gotta love a supportive and nurturing husband!  😀

A few days later

By the rest of the week, I was able to do a little yoga/stretching and am proud to say I’m more able to move around!  My feet are still a little sore, and my legs are dead, but I think after this week off I’ll soon be right as rain!

Weirdly, I notice a slight soreness in my right big toe… but it wasn’t until the other major pains subsided that I noticed this.  I took off my nail polish and spotted a little bruise towards the bottom of my toenail!

The famous black runner’s toenail!  I’d never experienced this before — and now I notice that every step I take puts a little pressure on this poor little piggy.

I’m hoping it’ll heal soon — and I’m PRAYING that I don’t lose a toenail, because I might faint.


How long before I should feel ready to run again?

Have you ever experienced a blackened toenail?

How do I treat it?




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